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Links & Places

Links and PlacesLinks are most useful options to insert and organize hyperlinks in a PDF. The users can arrange all the hyperlinks so as to exhibit any websites as well as networked files, opt for any particular pages or snapshot of images in your PDF.

We apply Revu 10 and it contains a link tab which includes, modifies and controls all hyperlinks. The link tab is available from menu bar. If any users want to edit several hyperlinks at a time, just press cltrl+click for multiple selection.

The users can choose all the hyperlinks for editing and press the action tab to characterize the action. The action dialogue box will appear and the users can pick a web URL through it as well as a target location from the hyperlink.

Links and PlacesThe users can produce and provide a name to link destinations that will be recognized as Places. After that in the existing PDF or another PDF, create hyperlink to those Places. Places are identified and recognized as anchors and the users can position these everywhere in a document for creating a link to that place effortlessly. The users can go to the places section button bar and select the “+” sign for making a destination. On the other hand, the user can click on the “hyperlink” button that is located to the right of the place name and click and drag over text. After naming the places and making the hyperlinks, the users can alter the location of the place devoid of splitting the earlier link as these links will be shifted to the location automatically.

Follow these steps to edit an obtainable place:

After modifying the setting as per your choice in the place dialog, click OK