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Page Labels

Page Labels is a useful attribute in Revu. With page labels, the pages inside a PDF document can be labeled automatically based on current Bookmark titles as well as text prevailed within the selected area of a page in the PDF.

Maintain the following steps to classify Page Labels in a PDF:

  1. Select the Tab Access button.
  2. Choose Thumbnails.
  3. Opt for the Create Page Label button available in the Thumbnails Button Bar.

Bookmarks: For making Page Labels out of current Bookmark titles in a PDF, choose Bookmarks from the Create Page Labels dialog, identify the Page Range, and subsequently press the OK button. Each specified page having a bookmark in the specified page series will now get its page label converted to that equivalent the bookmark's title.Page Labels

Page Region: For generating Page Labels derived from text prevailed in a particular region of a page, pick Page Region from the Create Page Labels dialog and opt for Get Rectangle. After that, click and drag to specify an area on the PDF as well as indicate a Page Range and click OK. Each specified page having text in this area will get its page label converted to that text.

Manually Label Pages: The users can also manually produce or edit page labels. To perform this, just click twice on the current page label or number accessible on the Thumbnails tab. The Tab key is applied to proceed through the page labels. Apply Shift and Tab button combinedly to recede through the page labels.