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PDF Flags

PDF Flags have the same functionality as Bookmarks. Flags are utilized to shift to a particular page inside a PDF (having bookmarks) as well as unlock a file or open a website by adding link to them. In this case the users don’t have to alter the original bookmarks. With PDF Flags, the users can access the vital information like signature lines or notes in a bigger document.

There exist following kinds of PDF flags:

PDF flags relating to a markup and PDF flags not having a markup.

If any flag is included, it will be visible in the Flag panel. For renaming, the user can double-click the flag other right-click and select Rename.

The above mentioned flag types are accessible under the Flags panel. If any flag is connected with a markup in the PDF, it is assigned with a link.

By clicking, Flags linked to a markup, will shift to the markup within PDF document. Flags, don’t have any linking with an annotation, have other alternatives. The users can opt for the Action button in the Flag tab to assign an action for the flag.

Once the action button is selected, the action window will be visible. Here, the users can pick four Action options for the flags: